I would like to thank the personnel at the Diego Martin Health Centre for the exemplary service they are providing in their roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine to the public.

After seeing pictures of long lines of people standing and waiting, I was a bit hesitant to personally endure that scenario. However, I finally decided that getting that all-important vaccine was worth at least an hour or two of my time, so I rolled up my sleeve and headed over to the health centre.

On arrival, to my delight, I found no lines, and the entire process—from the politeness of the gate attendant who directed me to the appropriate parking lot, to the registration clerk who instructed me on filling out the form—took just a minute or two.

From there, I was immediately sent in to get my jab. The nurses were professional, efficient and courteous, and made me feel relaxed.

Including the mandatory post-jab 20-minute observation time by a nurse, the entire visit lasted approximately half an hour.

I heartily commend the Diego Martin Health Centre and the entire staff for a job well done.

While there are many who are still hesitant about getting vaccinated, I never was—not for a moment. I cannot live my life worrying that every little sneeze or every sore throat could mean I have become infected with the Covid virus.

Even though being vaccinated does not provide 100 per cent immunity, at least I will now have additional antibodies floating around my system that will provide me with an extra degree of protection.

However, one can never be too safe, so, of course, I will still wear a mask and physically distance to doubly ensure my long-term survival.

Rex Chookolingo

Diego Martin


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