Tobago used to be the place where you went to get away from the hustle and bustle of Trinidad and even the crime that is creating so much havoc in the bigger island.

It was a place to relax and enjoy peace of mind on the sandy shores.

However, a recent spate of robberies is increasingly putting Tobago under threat. What is the current administration doing about the crime threat in Tobago?

A few mini-marts and even a supermarket were robbed recently and now we are hearing reports that bandits staged a pre-dawn robbery at the Coco Reef Resort and Spa in Crown Point.

According to multiple media reports, two masked men both armed with cutlasses entered the hotel at 2.35 a.m. on Monday and announced a hold-up.

They robbed the night duty custodian of over $15,000 vanishing into the darkness.

Trinidad and Tobago is collapsing before our very eyes and the only feasible option for many might be to migrate to more developed nations such as the United Kingdom and Canada as the criminal elements are taking complete control in these islands.

Simon Wright

via e-mail