AN accident earlier this week on the recently opened section of highway along Mosquito Creek, a section opened without any shoulder and with what must be considered narrow lanes, is an appropriate example of the carelessness of this Government in treating with the lives and safety of citizens.

As a former minister of works and infrastructure, when this section of the highway was opened, I cautioned the Minister of Works that what he had opened was a threat to road users.

Prior to this week’s accident, there have been small accidents including vehicles that have hit the railing.

In their haste to prove that they are efficient, the Government has compromised the safety of road users with very dire consequences.

Whose hands are stained with the blood of the accident victims?

Surujrattan Rambachan

via e-mail


THE Ministry of Labour and Small Enterprise Development recently rolled out the first series of a roadshow entitled “Maternity Matters at Work”.

ONCE AGAIN, Trinidad Carnival has ploughed through multiple convulsions of anxiety to make it safely onto the road.

Reparations for native genocide and enslavement of continental Africans are raised in the Americas and Africa by descendants of native peoples and by descendants of enslaved Africans, and their surviving generational lines of relatives in Africa. Reparations are being sought against native genocide, the wholesale theft of enslaved labour power and suppression of the self volition of Continental Africans, from 1501 – 1865 and beyond.

The hostility expressed by some people on social media and YouTube to “Welcome to Chinatown” by Singing Sonia can be best described as twisted irony or perhaps someone can explain the difference between picong and racism as far as calypso is concerned.

ONE would have hoped that Justice Vasheist Kokaram’s quite thoughtful judgment would have encouraged the Prime Minister to abandon his politically aggressive attitude and apply some statesmanship in dealing with the Law Association’s case for impeaching the Chief Justice.