Although I love music, I have never been a great fan of choirs, that is, until now. After seeing the BP Marionettes Chorale recently at Queen’s Hall, I became an instant fan and will be attending all of their future shows in Port of Spain.

The show started as I expected. Dressed formally, this was undeniably an experienced choir. The rendition of “Calling All Dawns” was a stirring example of the vocal range they possessed. I also loved the soloists who exemplified the spirit of the Forward Home show with a fantastic range of vocalisation; they captivated the quickly spellbound audience.

After the intermission, everything changed. The curtains opened to a choir dressed in Trini attire. They exploded on stage with colour and calypso hits that completely changed the tenor of the show. From a sedate choir, they became an explosive musical force of Trinidad that had the audience mesmerised and applauding for more. The interaction between the singers showed that they were more than just singers. They were also characters in a story that they were telling —their dancing and play-acting breathed soul into the music.