I am disheartened to see the level of disgruntlement against our Prime Minister for his sagacious stance in promptly locking down the country, seeking to stem the flow of the deadly Covid-19 virus and call upon all our citizens to unite, dispel puerile partisan politics and show our true patriotism in support of compulsory life saving measures.

Such patriotism or national pride is the gratification of love for country, devotion, and sense of attachment and alliance with our fellow citizens, more so when we educate ourselves to understand that our Prime Minister indisputably cares about his country and would certainly not enact such serious measures bereft of consultations and advice from our medical and scientific team proficiently guided by Express Individual of the Year Dr Roshan Parasram.

We can certainly learn from the apocalypse we’re all now witnessing in India, a country that recently shared its vaccines with poorer countries and which is now averaging over 410,000 cases and thousands of deaths daily, yet short on vaccines and oxygen.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently led election campaigning followed by a massive Hindu festival, drawing thousands of devotees devoid of mask or social distancing.

Turkey moved too quickly to reopen, and is now on a total lockdown following massive surges, as did many European countries. Prominent global health expert Prof Ashish Jha recently said on MSNBC that “now is not a time to be unvaccinated”, while Dr Anthony Fauci urged that we treat this pandemic like a war, so as to further comprehend this virus’s erratic and petrifying consequences. So far, Dr Keith Rowley has not declared a curfew or state of emergency but this cannot be ruled out should it become necessary to further protect our country.

Shamelessly, much of the local criticisms are from well-to-do entrepreneurs seeking their own unilateral self-interest as in the good times they say nothing about “workers”. Yet, in an unprecedented national crisis the workers are again, always conveniently, at the forefront of their deceptive “care”. Any business having made money for years with the indisputable support of long serving workers yet choosing to grumble to pay salaries for a few weeks of a global crisis is neither patriotic, nor worthy of being in business, supported by the very masses.

Insatiable greed has taken its inevitable toll on us to the point where we’re more deeply pinioned at “closed businesses” and “lost profits” than of supporting the saving of lives to even enjoy what we have worked so hard for, while the bosses see themselves as invincible, expecting not to die of Covid-19 so as to continue building empires while nonchalantly expecting and accepting it could only happen to “the careless” lower class workers placed at the forefront.

On the political side the Opposition appears completely non-patriotic with absolutely no support or encouragement for the Government’s actions in a time of global crisis, knocking them for the surging new wave, while paradoxically and intensely complaining about the lockdown, even suggesting they should first have the “difficult to acquire” vaccines before the lockdown, instead of holding bipartisan communications in the best interest of Trinidad and Tobago.

With unprecedented cases and deaths climbing to new heights, we should be proud of the Government’s action, bearing in mind that no country is 100 per cent Covid-19 perfect.

Trevor Hosten

via e-mail


As expected, the Government has responded to the ­explosion in Covid-19 infections and deaths by imposing a state of emergency with a 9 p.m.-to-5 a.m. curfew effective from midnight last night.

DR ROSHAN Parasram, Chief Medical Officer (CMO), and Dr Avery Hinds, Technical Director—Epidemiology, are trusted persons. I have said so more than once. It is from the facts, truth and science which they respectively deliver that I may raise issues about the Government’s management of the pandemic.

AS THE spike in Covid-related infections and deaths rocketed almost exponentially over the past three weeks or so, leaving many citizens stunned, people who sought guidance and leadership from politicians were assaulted with a cacophony of discordant notes that sounded like the praying of a pack of ancient jackasses.

LAST WEEK, I wrote of “our nation being undone” and the sense of “terminality” now hovering over Trinidad and Tobago. We were heading there before Covid which is hastening our demise. The Government irresponsibly dropped the ball with the pandemic, now spreading like wildfire.

THE SITUATION in our country is dire. What we had feared most during this pandemic, and had viewed as occurring in other countries, is happening in our beloved Trinidad and Tobago.

“We need to solve our problems without causing a civil war that can be a danger to our existence.”

—President Reuven Rivlin, President of Israel

In 1963, Martin Luther King was imprisoned in a Birmingham jail for leading a non-violent demonstration against American segregation.

As he sat in that jail, he responded to the concerns of eight white religious leaders who condemned his participation in that struggle for justice.