I wish to voice my concerns with regard to the marking of the ELA Writing scripts for the SEA examination, 2019. let me make it abundantly clear that I have no issue with the curriculum which I believe is well within the reach of the average child. I totally agree that teachers and students had two years to adequately prepare for the examination. I also think that the examination was a very good paper and I have no issue with it.

It required the students to engage their higher order thinking and comprehension skills which are part of any examination. Parents and teachers had complained bitterly about the Mathematics paper. Our top score in that paper is 98.7 per cent and we had several students scoring above 90 per cent.

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“MALL Panic” screamed this newspaper’s front page very shortly after my column on malls becoming hotspots.

ONE year ago, during the debate of budget 2019, Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal grabbed headlines with the claim that he had a document from a bank in Miami into which millions of dollars had been deposited.

THE Petrotrin story has produced a very strange and extremely painful twist. First, some background. Before the closure of the refinery, we had the “fake oil” issue involving A&V Drilling, owned by the Prime Minister’s very good friend, Hanif Nazim Baksh. The company was accused of receiving payments from Petrotrin for oil it did not produce.

FACT: While we the people of Trinidad and Tobago eat much of the foods, fruits, etc, that we produce locally, most of what we consume for sustenance and satisfaction, maybe as much as 80 per cent, we do not produce. We import it.

“The story goes that on a foggy autumn day nearly 800 years ago a traveller happened upon a large group of workers adjacent to the River Avon. Despite being tardy for an important rendezvous, curiosity convinced the traveller that he should enquire about their work.