Can I invite family members and a few friends over to my private property—a total of maybe 25 persons, and we all are socialising, food, song, and a little dance, no mask, no social distancing?

Can a thousand-plus families do the same thing all over the country on our private property?

The Police Service simply cannot do anything about this amid a pandemic that is spreading like wildfire, with lives being taken.

Is it that I am hearing that there is an issue with the TTPS stepping in to stop this?

I cannot understand how people can argue about this. We are arguing about the law. People, we need to apply basic common sense. The population can be put at risk by this type of gathering.

The TTPS has been very reasonable in trying to persuade us to do the right thing. Why are we fighting one another, knowing what is taking place in Trinidad and Tobago?

I am certain if the law needs to be changed, as some are suggesting, there would be another issue when it comes to the Parliament.

To all my learned friends, please humble yourselves and take it down a bit. This deadly virus is looking for every avenue to spread its wings. Let us not give it easy access to do so.

If we are going to win this war against Covid-19, we must work together. There must be a balance putting the citizens and the country first. I urge us all to take a good look around and see what is taking place worldwide, and even more so at home.

If we all do the right thing, considering the population, the TTPS will not have anything to do with your private property. Is that asking too much?

Arnold Gopeesingh

San Juan


AS the country continued to push past the tipping point for probable calamity concerning infections and mortalities from Covid-19, there came news that more vaccines are on their way.

I’D hoped that bringing up the ungovernable appearance of house lizards might have elicited a response from a couple of herpetologists. Disappointingly none came; but many people shared their experiences and theories. There was much to learn from these personal stories, and they broadened my sense of community, so I want to share some titbits from a few.

People are heeding every dicta­torial command blurted out and shouted down to them by the Prime Minister. So much so that no one is stopping to think how what they are doing might be to their detriment.

The “facts” from the medical experts et al seem to point to a virtual mini-India in the making in seven to ten days, that dark possibility no less diminished by the unmistakable insinuation from higher up of virtual death for non-compliance, in the comment to naysayers that, “I hear you because you are alive!”

The Covid-19 death toll has increased exponentially in such a short time that we have now seen the true effects of an incompetent and inefficient Ministry of Heath and its hand­ling of the pandemic.