Hard luck, fellas, in another parallel universe we would’ve won that first game against Tajikistan by a cricket score. Sometimes, the game goes like that, the ball just doesn’t fall for you. We created way too many chances, especially in the first half, but just lacking the killer instinct. I was screaming at my pillow during the match that hour in the morning.
What really made me sad was the headline in the media about the fallout between Hadad and Ferguson during an AGM at the Home of Football. What’s new? In addition, I cannot believe that in T&T today, we don’t have a national football league. Yes, some players will return to their clubs overseas, but where is our national league? Most players of Tajikistan are local players; same with Bolivia, when we played them in a friendly not too long ago.
SSFL is not a national league. It’s not rocket science; the Ascension Tournament is an excellent template. Refurbish and maintain recreational grounds with floodlights and proper roads.
Renovate pavilions and service toilets in our national stadia! Get local media to cover matches. Invest in grassroots football to get fans into stadia and grounds to generate revenue. Give incentives to stakeholders to get sponsorships for local clubs.
We need a national football league, not a seven-a-side tournament every now and again. If we could get a national league going, half the problems that our Soca Warriors face at all levels would be solved.
Mango trees don’t grow overnight; we must start somewhere.
Kendell Karan