How many more lives need to be lost and threatened before those with the power to act, use their authority and influence to reform the prison system? Is any leader in the parliament willing to stand up and say, “enough is enough”? What is the plan to put an end to corruption in the prison system in T&T?

With yet another threat to the lives of prison officers, Commissioner of Prisons Gerard Wilson said officers are “now running” scared for themselves and their families. The attacks against prison officers continued on Sunday morning after a prison officer’s house was shot at in Pleasantville. No one was injured. This comes on the heels of Commissioner Gerald Wilson’s advisory to officers to be vigilant after several threats began circulating on WhatsApp, of a plot to “kill any two officers”.

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It is a well known fact that prison corruption is rampant in T&T. Governments past and present don’t seem to have the willpower to reform the prison system that is in desperate need of repair. Absolutely nothing of substance has been done to defeat the corruption in the prisons. No effort is being made by this administration to radically reform the prison system.


In spite of the fact that I am very disappointed that Ivor Archie continues to preside as Chief Justice of Trinidad and Tobago with very serious and scandalous allegations of misconduct still hanging over his head, I have reluctantly accepted a formal invitation by his protocol office to attend the ceremonial opening of the 2019-2020 law term in order to hear what the learned Chief Justice will tell citizens regarding his unprecedentedly stormy stewardship of the Judiciary for the past year(s).

DR Linda Baboolal was an acknowledged lady of firsts. A general medical practitioner who studied at the University of Manitoba in Canada, and then at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland, she returned home and became a dedicated medical practitioner.

The sudden outrage against unnecessarily loud noise is most welcome now, especially as it applies to offensive fireworks. For decades I have had to cuddle and pacify my frightened, whimpering dogs affected every year by the loud noises of fireworks on Independence night in the Queen’s Park Savannah and on Old Year’s night as well.

On behalf of the Dr Eric Williams Memorial Committee and on my own behalf I wish to extend my deep and profound sympathy on the passing of a great, humble, honourable and distinguished lady, Dr Linda Baboolal, who passed two days ago.

The Caribbean Partners’ Forum, convened jointly by the government of Jamaica and the United Nations, and which was held in Kingston on September 11, created a space for regional stakeholders to consider new solutions to the dreadful threat posed by climate change.

How much kale do you need to eat to reap the benefits of this trendy superfood? How much quinoa? Yoghurt? How many almonds should you chomp? How many pumpkin, chia and flax seeds?