I have read and listened to Prime Minister Keith Rowley and Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte responding to talk of an increase in WASA rates of 35 per cent, and referring to it as “fake news” and United National Congress propaganda designed to hurt the Government.

I have in my possession a bill from WASA given to me at WASA’s office in Arima, showing a new bill with a 35 per cent increase and arrears dating to August 2019. After watching midday news on October 18, where WASA refuted the talk of a hike as false (although I have a bill), I called the Regulated Industries Commission (RIC) where I was told there was no increase from RIC, but that WASA had been granted an increase in 1993.


First, there was the issue of the charges and the manner in which they came to an abrupt end one day last week.

If the Prime Minister did one good thing during his term of office, it was the closing of Petrotrin.

Keith Rowley leads a Government that has abandoned transparency by refusing to proclaim procurement legislation and bypassing all rules and going shopping for billion-dollar boats, among other things, while sabotaging the sea and air links to Tobago and severely damaging the island’s economy.

The Zoom meeting that was held on Sunday, on the theme “Reparations for Afrikans and the Indigenous people of the Americas”, was very informative.