The tents set up outside the Couva Hospital.

WHEN it comes to our healthcare system, there has always been considerable doubt and lack of confidence. Prior to Covid-19, the public frequently heard horror stories of negligence and inefficiency.

Out of curiosity, I have been monitoring our neighbouring Caricom islands (Grenada, St Vincent, Dominica, St Lucia and Barbados) for Covid-19 cases. To my utter dismay, all of these islands are reporting significantly lower cases and deaths with some as low three cases a day! The unique factor regarding these islands is that they are tourism- dependent and their borders are wide open, welcoming thousands of tourists daily via air and cruise ships.

So what is the factor driving these exorbitant numbers in T&T? And no, it is not vaccination rates as they too are experiencing a vaccine resistant public.

The fact is we already had a failing healthcare system so what is unique about our “parallel healthcare system”.

Is this system also plagued by the same dysfunctional characteristics?

Additionally, our dubious “closed borders” have been closed in theory only and nothing more.

As a resident of the primary port of entry to illegal immigrants, there have been no new visible initiatives deterring illegal immigration down here.

So what are we doing we wrong? How did we go from number one in the world to global warnings advising prospective visitors to stay away from our country?

These are questions we need to ask as the inevitable lockdown is within the near future.

Michelle Dymally Davis



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