With both parties claiming victory in the recent local government election, who are the real winners? The local government system continues to be a failed system with the citizenry being the main victims. A dependent system that relies on the Government for funding therefore putting each corporation at the mercy of the ministry.

Trash continues to pile up in constituencies, drains continue to grow grass, citizens continue to make complaints with no resolution in sight, lack of funding continues to be the excuse so tell me who are the real winners? The citizens? I think not! You see this victory simply is a political ploy of power that continues to brainwash party loyalists into thinking their party in power or gaining power while really nothing continues to be done to the benefit of the citizens.

Tomorrow and the day after the same issues will continue to plague your community with no solution while those in Parliament continue to live in their well-manicured gated communities sheltered from the everyday nuisances impacting the average citizen’s daily lives. So whether you red or yellow the same problems that plaguing your constituency will have no discrimination and continue to impact all citizens in that constituency regardless of party card affiliation! So you see the real winners are those sitting behind a desk collecting a fat salary while we the citizens still looking for solutions!


“I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” —Voltaire IN 1919, Charles Schenck and Elizabeth Baer, both members of the Socialist Party of Philadelphia, were convicted of espionage. 

A mere three days after Dr Rowley’s one on one with Khamal Georges whereby the PM virtuously advised about the dangers of marijuana, we get news that the British Virigin Islands (BVI) has announced plans to distribute half-acre lots of land to approximately 100 BVI citizens, for the cultivation and production of medicinal marijuana.

MEN, gain as much wealth as you can in 2020. You deserve it. But wait a minute, I am not talking about money. Wealth is much wider in its scope. They define it as an “abundance of anything, plentiful amount or something valuable in content”.

Dr Rudradeva Sharma is dead and Dr Prem Vijay Naidoo is injured. Also, three teenagers were murdered in Wallerfield.

IF I were to write that “yesterday was a sad day for Trinidad and Tobago” and this commentary is eventually published a week from now, or a month from now, my thoughts would still be highly relevant, because every day our twin-island republic appears to be getting unhappier, gloomier and seemingly sitting on a precipice of hopelessness and despair.