Recently I sent an e-mail to the communications department of the Ministry of Works and Transport asking them to look into the deplorable conditions of the pavements along the following main roads. This came about by my deciding to get my exercise, walking on the pavements of Morne Coco Road in Petit Valley, then across Crystal Stream Road, then onto Diego Martin Main Road, then onto Sierra Leone Road.

I called the Diego Martin Corporation to complain but was told they are not responsible for the main roads and the pavements and to call the Ministry of Works and Transport. The point is, even if this does not fall under the Diego Martin Corporation the people working there should make it their business to harass the relevant ministry to get these things fixed.

The average person living in Diego Martin would blame the neglect of the bad roads and pavements on the corporation.

As regards the danger faced by not only myself but the many people who have to walk every day on these pavements are the many manholes with covers either missing or broken and with the potential of more breaking under your weight when you step on the concrete covers, you even have some covers lying sideways in the manholes. You have to experience walking on these pavements to understand what I am writing about. It must be a miracle that many lawsuits are not filed against that ministry.

I would really appreciate if the ministry would take the time, have the manholes fixed properly and at the same time fix the many potholes in the roads.

The people of Diego Martin and Petit Valley deserve better.

Gerard Duval

Petit Valley


LIKE Police Commissioner Gary Griffith who, upon assuming the office had staked his reputation on a reduction of the murder toll, the large majority of the population entered 2019 hopeful about a significant turn in the tide of crime.

AFTER the 2016 local government election, I noted the performance of the United National Congress (UNC).

THIS week I continue examining the bogus organisation of sport in our country illustrated by the fate of gymnast Thema Williams (my pro bono client in the High Court), whom the court declared had been a victim of bias.

EXACTLY one month before last Monday’s local government elections, I wrote in the space, inter alia: “...The PNM will face the December 2 elections at its most vulnerable point since winning the general election of 2015. 

THIS being the first article for the month of December, I thought it would be best to start on a festive note.

It was reported in the media that Minister of Works and Transport Rohan Sinanan said at a public meeting in Sangre Grande that “not all Indians in politics are thieves” (Newsday 30/11/19). Those who are not thieves [the honest Indians] are to be found in the PNM (People’s National Movement).