Colorful carnival masks

Colorful carnival masks on dark background

I note with interest the guarded call from president of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) Gregory Aboud to hold Carnival 2021, even a watered-down version. I support him. I’ll go even further. It shouldn’t be a watered-down version. Remember Carnival 2020? We were in the middle of this “pandemic” and we had a full-blown Carnival, with 40,000 foreigners visiting, and no untoward consequences. Surely, 2021 should be safer, without the 40,000?

By no reasonable definition of the word “pandemic” can we be said to be in a pandemic, based on the actual evidence. If everyone, including the politicians and their TV ops, were to stop wearing masks, would anyone even think we had a problem? I think not.

How many of you know anyone who has died from Covid-19, even using the very loose definition of a “Covid death” the authorities use. You see, it’s mostly in the media hype that those controlling the pandemic (Fauci, Gates, WHO) want us to believe.

I think it’s safe to say our country can be considered a fairly secure bubble. Look at all the evidence of people gathering, liming, partying without masks or distancing, without getting Covid-19, and you will see we don’t have a problem. Sure, a few people will be affected by Covid-19, but not any more than any other illness. In fact, way less than murders, robberies, diabetes, obesity, etc.

The police commissioner should be concentrating on murders/robberies, and the health minister should be worrying about those with diabetes/obesity. Don’t they have better things to do than chastise those who won’t/can’t wear an unhealthy mask.

As is the norm, no one will be forced to take part in Carnival 2021. Those who are worried can stay home. Many others will head to the beach, as they would have done anyway, Covid-19 or no Covid-19.

For those who say we don’t have enough time, okay, let’s take the time. Carnival doesn’t have to be the two days before Ash Wednesday. (Why do we tie Carnival to Ash Wednesday, anyway?

Like general elections, maybe it’s time to consider a fixed date.) We’ve had Carnival in May before. We can do so again. We just need to be wary of Rainorama in May. April, then?

A Charles

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Yesterday’s back-to-back news conferences, first by the Ministers of Finance and Energy, and then by the president-general of the Oilfields Workers’ Trade Union, turned up too many contradictions for public comfort.

It just doesn’t make sense on a lot of levels, and from various angles, this shooting of a soldier by a police officer at a birthday party, or get-together, in Point Fortin last Friday.

Every passing day living with the Covid-19 situation is more stressful than the one before in every country in the world. The situation of some people who have lost their loved ones, or their job, or their house, or their friends, or their money, or their sanity is becoming daily more unbearable.

I urge each and every constituent in Tobago where THA elections are to be held simultaneously with by-elections in five electoral districts in Trinidad (Morne Coco/Alyce Glenn in the Diego Martin Regional Corporation; Arima Central, in the Arima Borough Corporation; Hollywood in the Point Fortin Borough Corporation; Cunupia in the Chaguanas Borough Corporation; and Hindustan/St Mary in the Princes Town Regional Corporation) who is eligible to vote in those elections scheduled for Monday to come out and exercise their franchise.

Something amazing is happening in T&T and we must be thankful to the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB).

Trinidadians and Tobagonians of low and middle income, who after spending a few measly dollars on a Lotto ticket and then winning millions of dollars, somehow miraculously acquire the art of acting normal.

While it can be said the West Indies cricket team has one of the worst youth players-to-senior team legend records in the history of the sport, it can also be said the Indian cricket team has one of the best such records. WI would therefore do well to study them in great detail.