Daycares and pre-schools are popping up everywhere. What is the Ministry of Education doing about this?

This is turning out to be a money-making industry, entrusting our children to unqualified teachers, causing overcrowding, health problems, resulting in indiscipline as they go on to public schools with this mindset leading to a blackboard jungle.

Lest we have forgotten perhaps it is worthy to remember that child-rearing requires a certain unique temperament, inherent motherly skills, discipline and an understanding that children under your care means great responsibility.

If this responsibility to influence and tutor emotionally fragile children is allocated to less experienced, untrained individuals then we risk the fallout of permanently damaged and sometimes dysfunctional children.

The world has become very complex with evidence of stressed adults in the teaching profession exhibiting a propensity for indiscipline themselves and a lack of tolerance.

The question must be asked with the explosion of daycare schools blossoming everywhere, is the Ministry of Education taking not just a casual observation of this new money-making business but ensuring that certain standards are established and maintained?

Parents must be reassured that their children are safe and in the care of suitably qualified individuals within the appropriate environment for learning and influence.


The Darryl Smith report, published exclusively in the Sunday Express over the past two weeks, has blown the lid on the Government’s cover-up of the deeply disturbing pay-off to the personal secretary of former sports minister Darryl Smith.

Now that Trinbagonians have already successfully completed their “shopping mayhem” per “Black Friday Sale: Back to Black savings with huge Discounts,” “Black Friday super sale,” “Black Friday 3-Day Sale,” “Black Fry–Day Deals,

I had, had it and then some. Here was yet another, what I call armchair expert in mental health, telling me that by abstaining from the local government election because of the vagueness and bias of two intersecting pieces of legislation: The Mental Health Act and the Municipal Corporations Act, I was perpetuating the stigma associated with the mentally ill.

Advent is about waiting in joyful hope. Visiting the prison during this time has opened the season’s mystery in new and exciting ways.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith continues to blame lawyers for doing their jobs. In every criminal matter in court there is a prosecutor who may be a police prosecutor or an attorney from the Director of Public Prosecutions’ office.

Into the valley of death rode the 500! If the statistics are accurate, the death rate in T&T will continue to climb as we near the end of 2019. Five hundred lives already lost to homicide – whether it is by gun violence, domestic violence, or robberies.