Daycares and pre-schools are popping up everywhere. What is the Ministry of Education doing about this?

This is turning out to be a money-making industry, entrusting our children to unqualified teachers, causing overcrowding, health problems, resulting in indiscipline as they go on to public schools with this mindset leading to a blackboard jungle.

Lest we have forgotten perhaps it is worthy to remember that child-rearing requires a certain unique temperament, inherent motherly skills, discipline and an understanding that children under your care means great responsibility.

If this responsibility to influence and tutor emotionally fragile children is allocated to less experienced, untrained individuals then we risk the fallout of permanently damaged and sometimes dysfunctional children.

The world has become very complex with evidence of stressed adults in the teaching profession exhibiting a propensity for indiscipline themselves and a lack of tolerance.

The question must be asked with the explosion of daycare schools blossoming everywhere, is the Ministry of Education taking not just a casual observation of this new money-making business but ensuring that certain standards are established and maintained?

Parents must be reassured that their children are safe and in the care of suitably qualified individuals within the appropriate environment for learning and influence.


Public confidence in any government is not helped when the family of a senior government minister is the beneficiary of State contacts. In the case of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, contracts to his relatives run to over $20 million a year for the rental of property, according to an exclusive Sunday Express report. Put in context, this works out to 8.5 per cent of the State’s annual bill for the rental of private property.

I wish to thank the endorsers of the statement on the “Education of Children of African Origin” articles that appeared in this paper recently. The statement rightly raised several issues of inequality in access to quality education in T&T, by black children (among others).

Every employee in Trinidad and Tobago, regardless of if they work in the public or private sector, is entitled by law to certain rights.

I have been working with the United Nations on Violence against the Women/Gender-Based Violence for the past ten years in Africa, the Arab world, and Eastern Europe. And in Trinidad and Tobago we have had one of those recent uproars over the killing of women and the search for causes. And the primary cause stares us in the face.

The state of existence as a tribalist is when one is living with a distinctive characteristic so as to be identified with a particular identifiable distinctive group. This status quo surfaces to facilitate the tribal member who is excessively loyal to his own group. 

LISTENING to President Paula-Mae Weekes’s address on the reopening of the Red House, even the most sceptical among us could not help but be impressed, indeed be moved, by her departure on the role she was expected to play and the sentiments she was expected to express as head of officialdom, to be a spokesperson for the people on the ground pointing to their “hurt” and the inability of the leadership to address this hurt.