POS, Trinidad, Tuesday September 10, 2019 – A few months ago while running the track as he trained clients at Aranguez Savannah, Fitness Trainer and environmentalist Kerrie-Kim Kirton noticed copious amounts of trash littered around the Savannah’s periphery. Upon further investigation, he found that the Savannah was without a single disposal bin. In disbelief, Kerrie decided to do something about it.

On Saturday September 7, he along with friends, family and members of his small NGO – the Green Circle Environmental Company – visited the Savannah around 7 AM to install 3 new garbage bins. The bins are sponsored by Rotoplastics Trinidad Ltd, a well-known water tank provider in T&T.

Sponsored Garbage Bins

Kerrie met with the San Juan Regional Corporation just after Carnival and offered to install bins at Aranguez Savannah. After numerous meetings and phone calls, approval was granted for the installation and the coach and environmentalist visited Rotoplastics with the intention of purchasing bins for use at the Savannah. On letting Rotoplastics’ Marketing Representative know of the intended use for his purchase, discussions began about sponsorship. The rest is history.

“I always tell my friends ‘if everyone does a little, no one will have to do a lot’. When I saw what was happening at Aranguez Savannah, I knew action was needed, and I decided I would be the one to take it. I am truly grateful that Rotoplastics saw the value in assisting my team and I to make Aranguez Savannah cleaner and greener” said Kerrie.

The Green Circle Activities

The Green Circle is an NGO which executes environmental initiatives with a social twist. Kerrie explained that the Green Circle was established five years ago to encourage his peers, the party-going public, to participate in socially responsible activities for the betterment of our nation and world. The NGO’s Beach Clean pUmP is the best example of this – a party boat cruise with a difference. Annually, since 2015, Kerrie has led a cleanup of Scotland Bay in commemoration of International Coastal Cleanup Day, held annually on the third Saturday in September across the globe. Event groups like Tribe, Caesar’s Army and Scorch, as well corporate sponsors Massy Foundation and Maritime Financial Group meet at 6 AM under his stewardship and head to the beach aboard the Harbour Master to remove waste left by visitors. After cleaning, the groups return to the mainland in traditional party-cruise style, with a sense of accomplishment having done some good for our environment. In 2018, over 3,000 pounds of garbage was removed from Scotland Bay. September 21st 2019 will mark the 5th year of the Beach Clean pUmP cleanup exercise.

Get Involved

Kerrie hopes to build further partnerships with corporate Trinidad in order to execute more environmentally friendly initiatives. Already for 2018, the NGO has partnered with the Suntory Group and Massy United Insurance on cleanups and reforestation projects. More environmental initiatives are in the pipeline for the organization including eco-rehabilitation and an ocean clean up. To get involved, corporate entities can contact the organization via email at thegreencircleec@gmail.com.

About the Green Circle (TheGC)

The Green Circle (TheGC) is an environmental Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) which undertakes initiatives which promote environmental sustainability; events with a purpose, where young adults get involved in eco-friendly activities.

The Green Circle’s Annual Beach Clean pUmP

On the 3rd Saturday in September annually, hundreds of thousands of volunteers head to coasts across the world to clean up waterways and the ocean. Since 2015, the Green Circle has hosted the “Beach Clean pUmP” as part of Ocean Conservancy’s “International Coastal Cleanup Day” activities in Trinidad and Tobago. Under the guidance of the Caribbean Network for Integrated and Rural Development (CNIRD,) The Beach Clean pUmP is part of a number of clean up exercises executed across T&T on International Coastal Clean-up Day. Corporate, private and NGO’s alike take to the nation’s coasts on this day to remove garbage.


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