Someone Knows Something (SKS)

Somebody must know something. Right? Sadly, however, in a small country such as ours, people disappear into thin air and other crimes occur that are never solved.

If you have any information on any of these cases, please call 868-623-1777 ext. 2728 or email us at

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IN 1961, when Ramjeawan Mongroo, the son of a sugar cane, rice and cattle farmer, heard of a girl with whom he might have a chance at courtship, he rode his bicycle f…

SANTA Cruz mother Linda Mohammed had spent the last two years of her life watching the roadway, hoping her missing son, Allan, would walk back home.

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The murder of prison officer Sherwin Francis one year ago is not a forgotten case, but his widow is not satisfied with the pace of the investigation.

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FATHER of five daughters Anand Ragbir felt like a king with his “princesses” around him.

He was happy, and as the man of the manor, he set out to build a castle for his beauties, with a magnificent garden sweeping around the grounds.

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On the sands of Manzanilla Beach on Trinidad’s East Coast, Spiritual Shouter Baptist believer Tameka Harris stood in the darkness before daybreak among the worshippers who had brought her there to be cleansed of her troubles.

There was a full moon and the tide was low that early morning in March.

The Government-imposed Covid-­19 restrictions at that time said beaches and coastal waters were open to the public from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

However, at 4.16 a.m., Tameka slipped away from the others, shed her clothing and walked into the sea where she died.

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THREE years after the disappearance of Zachary La Rose, his mother is still waiting to bury her son.

Nikki La Rose remembers him as a jolly and music-loving man, who at 24 years old, had a zest for life, and was determined to achieve his dreams.

That all ended abruptly on July 11, 2018, when he was snatched from La Rose and the family he treasured.

THE past 18 months have brought unique transformations to lives around the world in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

No one has escaped unscathed from the economic, social and psychological disruption of the deadly virus.

But the Bruce family found themselves in a different tailspin with the disappearance of their loved one, Chaguanas taxi-driver Clevon Bruce.

CAN parents grieve the loss of a child until they die broken-hearted?

Sharon Reyes, sister of missing Carapo woman Coreen Singh, knows this is possible, since she saw it happen to her parents.

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Be on the lookout for pensioner Kenrick Titus and help save his life by contacting the police.

The 73-year-old father of Boodoosingh Lane, Rousillac suffers with Alzheimer’s disease, has been missing since April 2019 and has been spotted on four occasions — once near the PTSC bus terminus in Port of Spain, then eight months ago at King’s Wharf, San Fernando, within walking distance from the transit terminus.

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Time is critical if you are searching for a missing loved one.

Kelvin Ballantyne had been missing for about three months from his Tobago home before his family members in Trinidad were informed that he had disappeared.

Kelvin, also known as “Redman”, is described by his sister, Cindy Noel, as “one of the most well-known people in Lambeau, and maybe even across the island because of his job as an electrician”.



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