Navin and Ravi Kalpoo

Navin and Ravi Kalpoo

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The Kalpoo brothers, Navin and Ravi, became local heroes following last October's unprecedented flooding in Central Trinidad, rushing out to help rescue over 300 people in distress in Kelly Village. This instinct to serve those in need was born through their mother, Doolarie Kalpoo, who was know for her tireless community work. When she lost her battle to cancer, the brothers continued their humanitarian work, always lending a hand where needed with no exptectation to be rewarded with fame or fortune.

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2018: The Kalpoo Brothers

2017: Men’s 4 by 4 Relay Team

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National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds says there’s no secrecy surrounding a small gift of Pfizer vaccines given to the National Security Ministry by the United States government.

In a telephone interview with the Express yesterday, the minister said the small vaccine gift of 80 vials of Pfizer amounted to about 400 doses of the vaccine.

However, the arrival of these vaccines generated curiosity in the country as to exactly how the batch came to Trinidad and the handover process as well as who exactly will benefit from the shots.

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar stands accused by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and the People’s National Movement (PNM) of appealing for civil unrest like the 1990 attempted coup.

A thick layer of slush coats the roadways of Poui Trace in St Mary’s Village, Moruga, where quarrying activity has trapped some residents inside their homes.

At least five households are stuck behind near crumbling slopes and a muddy path used as an access route to and from the village.

As trucks filled with material leave and enter the area, clumps of mud are left behind, sometimes blocking the road.

A&V Oil and Gas Ltd stands to receive an estimated $84 million in cash being held in escrow, at the close of an arbitration ruling involving the now-defunct State-owned energy company Petrotrin.

PART 11 of an interview with Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Port of Spain Shante Moore with journalist Andy Johnson, first aired on television station WESN last Friday.

Moore has been with the US Foreign Service for more than 20 years in such postings as Kuwait, Qatar, Kosovo, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, and Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.