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Multilateral Environmental Agreements on Climate Change, Desertification and Land Degradation

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Multilateral Environmental Agreements on Climate Change, Desertification and Land Degradation


Trinidad and Tobago is leading the way in providing solutions to global environmental issues through multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs)

Climate Change and Land Degradation are two significant environmental issues facing the world today. We see many countries in the news talking about their strategies towards dealing with these, but what is our country doing?

Since 2013, we’ve catalogued the levels and sources of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and strategized ways to reduce carbon emissions from industry, transport and power generation – the three main sectors that emit GHGs. We have also reviewed/strengthened relevant policies and laws and, in so doing, made them more effective in protecting the country and planet.

Trinidad and Tobago’s signing on to the Paris Agreement has also seen us commit to a 15% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the aforementioned culprits and a 30% reduction from public transportation, by 2030.

We have projected the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities, taken action to mitigate problems and make communities more resilient. We have also developed a GHG measurement, reporting and verification system, built capacity at the Environmental Management Authority (EMA), trained emitters, designed a certification programme for inventorying greenhouse gases and designed a financial investment plan to leverage financing for the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), a key feature of the Paris Agreement. NDCs represent each country’s public commitment to reduce greenhouse gases in the context of their own national circumstances, capabilities and priorities for the post 2020 period.

Additionally, our Trinidad and Tobago has ensured gender-sensitivity in the NDC and empowered the public, private and NGO sectors to build their capacity to better manage global environmental priorities and issues.

With relation to land degradation, we now have a National Action Programme (NAP) that has an inventory of land use, identifies critical issues and problems and a programme for correcting, mitigating and preventing causes of land degradation. These mitigating actions include sustainable land management and risk reduction, including early warning systems.

We are also on target to achieve ‘land degradation neutrality’ through a voluntary target setting programme where transformative projects to drive land degradation neutrality are identified.

For updated information on these and other environmental issues and activities in T&T, you can join the MEA Focal Point network by completing the Google Form found on the Environmental Policy and Planning Division TT Instagram and Facebook pages.


Twenty-six additional Covid-19 deaths reported yesterday took the death toll for the first five days of December past 100.

The 26 deaths increased fatalities this month to 104. The death toll since the start of the pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago is now 2,262.

ROMAN Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon says it is the indiscipline of citizens that has brought on this current wave of Covid-19 infections and the rising death toll.

Gordon made the statement as he called on the nation to grow up.

Yesterday, Trinidad and Tobago recorded 26 deaths and 601 new cases of Covid-19.

A pile of debris grows daily behind the Carenage Fish Market, where fisherfolk say they have been ignored and neglected by management for at least one year.

Discarded wooden frames and heaps of plastic waste and refuse have carpeted parts of the facility’s exterior since its opening in 2018, according to a fisherfolk representative who spoke to the Express in November on behalf of those housed at the market.

THE Prime Minister is being told he is not yet done answering questions on the issue of his $1.2 million property at INEZ Gate on Shirvan Road in Tobago.

On his return from Barbados on Friday, PM Dr Keith Rowley addressed the United National Congress (UNC) claims over his alleged failure to declare the 2019 purchase of the townhouse to the Integrity Commission.

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