IAAF World Championships 2019

By: Kwame Laurence

September 27 - October 6, 2019

Keshorn Walcott, Machel Cedenio, Kelly-Ann Baptiste and Jereem "The Dream" Richards are among 15 athletes who will fly the Red, White and Black at the September 27-October 6 IAAF World Championships in Doha, Qatar. In addition to their individual events, Cedenio and Richards will be on show for Trinidad and Tobago as we defend the men's 4x400 metres title.

Kwame Laurence live in Doha, Qatar

The Opposition is planning to bring House Speaker Bridgid Annisette-George before the courts for the “illegal guidelines” issued with respect to the impeachment motion against President Paula-Mae Weekes.

Two-year-old Vedika Boochoon, who needs financial help to correct a medical condition affecting her hearing and speech, has been infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The baby girl tested positive for the Covid virus on Monday, along with her parents and six-year-old brother.

Scores of generous citizens have reached out to 29-year-old Nesha Bennett offering assistance after her home of nine-years in St Julien Village was destroyed by fire on Sunday.

Bennett, who was last at her home on Saturday evening, had left to spend the night with her children, ages six and 12, at a friend’s home in Princes Town.

Her husband, who works in construction, had left earlier in the day for work.

WORKS and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan has denied his ministry discriminates against residents of South and Central ­Trinidad.

Sinanan led a team from the ministry yesterday at a news conference at its Port of Spain headquarters, during which he replied to allegations. He explained that over 70 per cent of the island’s 407 landslips were in those areas—South and Central—adding that some issues were not being immediately addressed due to the large volume of outstanding work.

MORE private/public sector engagement in Trinidad and Tobago’s agriculture industry is needed, as Covid-19 has placed a serious economic meltdown on government’s finances.

This was revealed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) representative for Trinidad and Tobago, Ruben Robertson, who said instead of the Government making the investment in the agricultural sector, it is now recognised that it might be better to focus more on making the policy environment more conducive for the private sector to come on board.


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