Robert Bernard

ARC PRESIDENT: Robert Bernard

ROBERT BERNARD, Arima Race Club president has dismissed claims of abandonment by staff members as misleading and mischievous.

The claims were made in a story carried in this newspaper yesterday.

Speaking to the Express yesterday morning, President Bernard explained: “We told them that we are sending them home on no-pay leave and they agreed. How could they now make this statement?”

However, the staffers’ spokesperson defended the claims, saying: “Yes, we were sent home on no-pay leave, but they (ARC) have a duty to us to follow up on the Relief Grant from Government which they had to sign off on also.”

The spokesperson added:“It is now going on two months. We had to tick off on Relief Grant application form that we were retrenched to get the grant. Mr Bernard is missing the point.

“They haven’t been following up on the Relief Grant, and don’t care how we are surviving. How long we will stay at home without any money?”

Bernard revealed that some employees were called out recently to work and were paid, and insisted the club had not abandoned its staff.

He stated the club was forced to send home staff because of the Covid-19 health regulations, as it could not stage any horse racing.

The club’s last day of racing was on March 14 at Santa Rosa Park.


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