John O’Brien


THE ENTRIES for eight horses entered to race on Saturday at Santa Rosa Park were thrown out by the Arima Race Club (ARC) on Tuesday.

This has come about because the horses were vaccinated for equine rhinopneumonitis, or tetanus vaccination, but their vaccination cards were not lodged with the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority (TTRA) to have them registered (stamped off).

The spike in the wrong direction started with the ARC’s restart day, June 27, when the entries for five horses were thrown out for the same reason.

The Express was informed that the TTRA changed the flexible rule regarding vaccinations for horses, making it now mandatory for trainers to have their horses vaccinated prior to entry. Before Covid-19, trainers were allowed to have the horses vaccinated after the vaccination had expired, and if their horses were entered they were allowed by the TTRA to have the vaccination cards registered by Friday of the same week.

Last year also, the veterinarians were unable to get the required vaccines for the horses, and the rule pertaining to vaccination of horses was suspended.

So why the change in policy?

The Express learnt that when horses are not vaccinated on time, there is a risk of an outbreak of “equine flu”. However, since the improved vaccination programme started at Santa Rosa Park after the 1994 outbreak when the sport was centralised, there has not been any outbreak.

Trainers explained to the Express the majority of horses were vaccinated on time, but their vaccination cards were not lodged with the TTRA because they were closed during the Covid-19 lockdown. And when the TTRA was eventually opened, they forgot about stamping the cards because of the old system.

They claim while it is alleged they are delinquent the TTRA has to take blame also, because it was closed for several months during the Covid restrictions. Trainers argued they should have been given a grace period by the TTRA to update their vaccination cards.

Back on the track, there will be six races on the card, and it will be patron-less once again.

The feature event is a six-horse contest with trainer John O’Brien having four of the six runners. They are Thisonesforron, Apocalypse, Making Headlines and General JN.

Also entered is Root Of Jesse and Gold Cup winner Master of War.

The second race on the card is the supporting event and this 1,750-metre event is the prep for the upcoming 1,800-metre Guineas on August 1.

Seven horses are entered in this race with trainer Harold Chadee set to saddle four of the seven runners.

In this event, young trainer Richard Frederick has CP Jet entered. CP Jet, with Jovika Boodramsingh, slammed Chadee’s horses when they met in March over course and distance. Newcomer Mighty Vegas and Spanish Eyes round off the field.

Here are the entered horses, jockeys, post-positions and weights, with a post time of 1.30 p.m.:

RACE 1 -- 1.30 P.M -- W.I. BRED 4.Y.O. & OVER MAIDENS -- 1,300 Metres -- $12,650 -- 1. Atta Girl Silvy 54 K. Santo; 2. Lightupdpark 57 N. Samaroo; 3. Joseph 57 B. Boodramsingh; 4. Osaka 54 D. Butcher; 5. Team Spirit 57 J. Boodramsingh; 6. El Chapo 57 T. Phillips; 7. Heidi Saw Red 54 K. Razack.

RACE 2 -- 2.05 -- W.I. BRED 3 Y.O. -- 1,750 Metres -- 1,750 Metres -- $16,100 -- 1. Spanish Eyes 49 R. Jadoo; 2. Nuclear Fire 55 Rico Hernandez; 3. Mighty Vegas 49 N. Mohammed; 4. CP Jet 52 J. Boodramsingh; 5. American Traveller 55 S. Balroop; 6. Airforce Won 57 B. Boodramsingh; 7. Goldon D’Or 55 N. Abrego.

RACE 3 -- 2.40 -- MODIFIED BENCHMARK HANDICAP 25 - 0 --1,100 Metres -- $12,650 -- 1. Eager 52.5 P. Badrie; 2. Trusty Rose 54.5 N. Mohammed; 3. Beth 58 J. Boodramsingh; 4. Gold N’Brown 54.5 B. Boodramsingh; 5. Little John 53 K. Santo; 6. Redhotfillypepper 54 R. Ali; 7. Rebecca’s World 54.5 Romario Hernandez; 8. Goldforfree (TO) 58.5 J. Arneaud; 9. I’Missinghighbury 50.5 LC Seecharan.

RACE 4 -- 3.25 -- MODIFIED BENCHMARK HANDICAP 3 Y.O. & OVER HORSES RATED 35 - 0 -- 1,500 Metres(TURF) -- $12,650 -- 1. Infortheglory 58.5 LC Seecharan; 2. Breakthrough 51 N. Mohammed; 3. No More Regrets 54.5 S. Balroop; 4. Princess Charlotte 57 N. Samaroo; 5. Unruly Queen 58.5 J. Boodramsingh; 6. Lady Hamilton 57 R. Jadoo; 7. Smooth Sailing 51.5 K. Santo; 8. Moana 57 D. Khelawan; 9. Sexy Eyes 56 O. Mohammed; 10. Amani 53 R. Balgobin; 11. The Big Saint 57.5 T. Phillips; 12. The Last Lioness 56.5 B. Pahal.

RACE 5 -- 4.00 -- MODIFIED BENCHMARK HANDICAP 3 Y.O. & OVER HORSES 80 & OVER --1,350 Metres --$16,100 -- 1. Thisonesforron 54.5 K. Santo; 2. Apocalypse 49.5 B. Boodramsingh; 3. Making Headlines 44 K. Razack; 4. General JN 58 K. Khelawan; 5. Root Of Jesse 51 D. Butcher; 6. Master Of War 56 P. Badrie.

RACE 6 -- 4.45 -- MODIFIED BENCHMARK HANDICAP 3 Y.O. & OVER HORSES RATED 45 - 0 -- 1,300 Metres -- $12,650 -- 1. Crown Dynasty 56.5 D. Khelawan; 2. Golazo 54.5 N. Mohammed; 3. La Reine 55.5 P. Badrie; 4. The Verdict 55.5 N. Samaroo; 5. April The Twelveth 57 T. Phillips; 6. Single Bullet 58.5 J. Boodramsingh; 7. Red Casino 52 R. Balgobin; 8. Man Of Tomorrow 58.5 Romario Hernandez; 9. Country Boy 58.5 S. Balroop; 10. Myra Mary 57 R. Ali.


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