George Comissiong

new boss: George Comissiong

George Comissiong led a clean sweep for the “Youth Meets Experience – Passing The Baton” team at yesterday’s National Association of Athletics Administrations of Trinidad and Tobago (NAAATT) Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Comissiong, who had been acting as president since the resignation of Ephraim Serrette earlier this year, was voted into the top post. Up against “New Vision” leader Dr Ian Hypolite for the presidency, Comissiong came away with a 62-37 victory.

“Putting the athletes at the centre of the organisation is the key,” Comissiong told the Sunday Express, following his election as NAAATT president. “My first priority is to reconstitute the 11 sub-committees. We need to put together a calendar of events for next year, a calendar of events for ‘return to play’, so we need to have the relevant committees in operation.

“I extended an invitation to the opposing slate,” Comissiong continued. “They had offered themselves for service, so certainly we can accommodate them on sub-committees.”

Paul Voisin was elected first vice-president, Durly Lucas second vice-president, Dexter Voisin general secretary, Michelle Stoute-Lopez assistant general secretary, and Marlene Roopchansingh Williams treasurer.

Four of the five directors elected to serve for the 2021-2024 term are new to NAAATT administration. All four — Cuquie Melville, Jehue Gordon, Zwede Hewitt and Jamaal James - are former national athletes and in the 29-36 age range. They are expected to bring fresh ideas to the table and serve as the voice of the athletes.

At 29, Gordon--the 2013 men’s 400 metres hurdles world champion—is the youngest of the directors. The fifth director is experienced administrator Allan Baboolal, a former NAAATT general secretary.

Gordon, who has a Bachelor of Science First Class Honours degree in Sports Management from the University of the West Indies (UWI), told the Sunday Express he is keen to serve the sport.

“The athletes are the ones affected most. I have been part of the system since I’m 11 years old, and the wealth of knowledge I have gathered over the years will be helpful in serving the major stakeholders in the sport—the athletes.”

New NAAATT Executive

President – George Comissiong

1st Vice President – Paul Voisin

2nd Vice President – Durly Lucas

General Secretary – Dexter Voisin

Assistant General Secretary – Michelle Stoute-Lopez

Treasurer – Marlene Roopchansingh Williams

Directors – Jehue Gordon, Zwede Hewitt, Jamaal James, Cuquie Melville, Allan Baboolal


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