Ricky Skerritt


Ricky Skerritt, CWI president.

While the “Wehby Report” on governance reform of Cricket West Indies has been shared with CWI stakeholders, it is still being reviewed by a special working group and consultations with territorial boards are ongoing.

This was revealed by CWI president Ricky Skerritt on Monday when asked for an update on the status of the report and what CWI was doing with its recommendations.

The CWI president had previously stated his intention to champion the report’s recommendations in an attempt to achieve much-needed comprehensive and sustainable change for the growth and development of the organisation.

The report was widely distributed in August 2020 and consultations with stakeholders were due to commence. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has made the time-lines for consultations and feedback unpredictable with many countries still under varying degrees of lock-downs and restrictions.

“There will be Covid-related timing challenges, and likely political head-winds ahead, but I assure all stakeholders and lovers of West Indies cricket that I will personally champion the important process of CWI governance reform, no matter how long it takes, especially now that CWI has received such a pragmatic and cricket-centric report from Senator Wehby and his team of highly experienced advisors. Hopefully good sense will prevail, and CWI will show the world that we are serious about modernisation and improvement,” Skerritt said last year.

The report was prepared by an independent task force led by Senator Don Wehby, which also included Sir Hilary Beckles, Deryck Murray, O.K Melhado and Charles Wilkin QC. The task force consulted extensively, and the 36-page report drew from a wide cross section of expertise – from knowledgeable persons in the West Indies as well as in the global game.

On Monday, Skerritt told the Express, “(The) Wehby report has been going through a process of review by the territorial boards and other stakeholders.” He also revealed that consultations have already taken place with four of the six territorial boards.

“The process has been slower than expected because of the impact of Covid-19, including several unprecedented hurdles that have appeared and new priorities that it has introduced,” he continued.

“After receipt of the report last August, the board established a special working group, chaired by Michael Findlay, to facilitate and coordinate the consultation-based review process,” he went on.

“The working group includes one member of the Wehby task force. I understand that meaningful consultations have already taken place with four of the six territorial boards,” Skerritt added.

The report stated that reform was needed to ensure the sustainability of CWI and its recommendations included the modernisation of the governance structure to provide greater accountability and transparency; redefining the roles of the president and vice-president; and an overhaul of the process by which directors are chosen to serve on the Board and Committees as well as a reduction in the amount of directors and committees.


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