Mark-Anthony Scott

SPORTS FANATIC: Gentle giant Mark-Anthony Scott and a loved one.

MARK-ANTHONY SCOTT died an Arsenal fan, as evident by the prominently displayed “Gunner Til I die” logo on his facebook page.

Scott, who died on Monday, was a sports journalist and sports radio talk-show host who worked with Power 102fm.

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A gentle giant, soft-spoken Scott lived at Beetham Gardens and was a genuine nice guy who had a good relationship with most in the media. He loved football and loved to talk about the sport even more. He was a huge Arsenal fan, recently engaged, and quite proud of both facts.

Scott graduated from San Fernando Senior Comprehensive in 1988, after which he moved to Scarborough, Tobago in 1995 and got his media break with Tobago Channel 5 in 2004. He then moved to TV6 where he worked from 2005-2007 and also had stints with several local media houses, including 195.5fm between the years 2007-2012, TT Sport Zone and even the TT Pro League with which he worked as a writer between 2007-2008. He had been employed for the last year at Power102.1fm. where he hosted the GameTime show from 12.16 p.m. on Saturdays.