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After seven months of inactivity, local football kicks off this weekend with the 24-team Ascension Invitational Tournament which offers $2,252,300 in prize money and has attracted some of the top Pro League and Super League teams in the country.

The tournament is sponsored by a sport clothing brand, with American and local investors, which is seeking entry into the Caribbean market, beginning in Trinidad and Tobago. The competition was launched yesterday at the Normandie Hotel, St Ann’s.

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The Ascension League is expected to be a one-round pre-season tournament and is expected to be the forerunner to the T-League, a merger of the TT Pro League and TT Super League. However, uncertainty still surrounds the planned September 22 start of the T-League. And Anthony Harford yesterday revealed that the sponsors are interested in also funding a second-round continuation, should the T-League be further postponed.