Aaron Wilson

TOP RANKED MALE IN 2018 & '19: Aaron Wilson.

AARON WILSON will spend Christmas away from home for the second year in succession.

The national table tennis champion travelled to Portugal last week for a three-month training stint and will not be back in time to compete in the first major tournament on the calendar – the National Classified Championships – in February.

Wilson, who missed the Trinbago Open in October because he was training in Spain, was in a similar three-month stint in Germany when the 2018 season ended with the Super Singles Tournament in early December, a couple weeks before his return.

It was the first time that the 21-year-old had been to Germany and this is his first trip to Portugal. However, Wilson has been to Spain and Sweden on two occasions each in the last few years.

Fellow national champ Catherine Spicer has also been in Spain twice and Yuvraaj Dookram, who accompanied Wilson on his first trip to Sweden in 2015, is the only other locally-based to train abroad in the last few years.

Dookram went on to become the top-ranked player of ’16 and ’17, but he has not played a tournament since October last year and recently fell out of the rankings completely.

Spicer has gone on to win two majors in succession; National Championships and Trinbago last year and Silver Bowl Championships and Nationals this year, right after returning from her training stints.

However, the 24-year-old relinquished her opportunity to finish this season at No. 1 in the rankings by skipping both “Trinbago” and “Super Singles.”

Wilson has won six of the eight majors he contested in the last two seasons and finished both years at the top of the rankings.


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