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It just doesn’t make sense on a lot of levels, and from various angles, this shooting of a soldier by a police officer at a birthday party, or get-together, in Point Fortin last Friday.

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THE Police Commissioner has once again been reported as having claimed success in the solving of murders, simply on the basis of the arrests of suspects. He has done it before, without apparent let or hindrance.

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It first appeared as an exception to the rule, from the standpoint of the fact that up to that point almost one hundred women in Trinidad and Tobago had been killed by men, in one scenario or another, whether as a result of domestic violence, or from just wanton depravity and violence.

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HIS parents grew up in downtown East Port of Spain. On St Paul Street, to be exact.

His mother’s name was Ramirez. It was she who told him to love unconditionally.

He was born at the Port of Spain General Hospital, and grew up on the corner of Dundonald Street and Melville Lane at in the heart of the residential and business district in West Port of Spain. His mother told him about loving unconditionally.

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It is in a word, astounding, that an urgent letter written to the Attorney General on September 27 would be responded to by a second-hand responder in the Parliament on December 16, and only on the basis of the fact that the matter at issue found its way into the public space, this via an article in the Express on December 14.

He is said to have dropped out of school and was sleeping in and around the City Gate traffic hub in Port of Spain, before one of his teachers encouraged him to try and get to Canada where his mother was then domiciled.

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IN a welcome statement of her own pending candidacy for the top spot at the Tobago House of Assembly, the go-getting Ms Tracy Davidson-Celestine staked her claim for higher political recognition in an article published in this space on December 3.

Friendly countries such as Canada and Chile, with whom we have excellent bi-lateral relations, have called out human rights and democracy violations which have been reinforced with prolonged, unrelenting aggression.

They are among 50 countries that have decided to support Juan Guaido as the figure who best represents the democratic ideal as provided for in the Venezuelan constitution. But for the Maduro administration, there are ideological allies in our midst who turn their gaze away from all the evidence which establishes the violation of human rights, and the suspension of democracy in Venezuela.

Let’s start in the middle of this tale with many sides, many angles.

As of last Saturday, we were told that police investigators were searching for clues as to the person who left a weeks-old baby in the bush in Central Trinidad. They want to be able to identify the parents of this infant. They were reported as seeking to look through CCTV footage of businesses in the area, in the hope of finding clues as to who may have done this.

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On August 30 this year, in what was for some the immediate afterglow of the results of the general election on August 10, and the depression for others, our attention was called to an event at St Augustine campus of The University of the West Indies.

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