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STATE-OWNED carrier, Caribbean Airlines (CAL) has extended leases on its existing aircraft which were expiring in the last quarter of 2019 and in the first quarter of 2020 even as the airline reviews its leases for the 12 new Max 8 aircraft from Boeing.

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IT’S about votes. Getting votes. And keeping them. Votes, after all, win elections. But at what cost? Well, in modern political warfare, it’s the cost of your data. An individual’s data is used to microtarget him/her, with the hope of eventually affecting a person’s choices.

Last week, the Sunday Express sat down exclusively with chairman of the Point Lisas Energy Association (PLEA) and former Nutrien managing director Ian Welch to discuss the impact curtailment had on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

PETROCHEMICAL plants in Point Lisas peaked in 2009. That’s when volumes of natural gas needed for full optimisation of the plants were being met. At that time, the country’s energy sector was consuming an estimated 4.2 billion cubic feet a day.

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FORMER energy minister Conrad Enill is tipped to be the new chairman of the National Gas Company (NGC). The Sunday Express understands that Enill is set to replace Gerry Brooks who resigned from the company and all its subsidiaries last month.

CL FINANCIAL has been hit with three new claims totalling $13.2 billion in the first six months of 2019, its joint liquidators assert, even as the group, which collapsed in the first month of 2009, received $38 million in dividends and loan repayments from its subsidiaries in that period.

THE HOUSING Development Corporation (HDC) has to sell 99 apartments in Victoria Keyes, its housing development in Diego Martin in the next year, if it hopes to meet its goal of full occupancy by 2020.

LAST WEEK, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced the state of indebtedness of one state company to another — the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) owes the National Gas Company (NGC) some US$700 million ($4.75 billion).

ON the night of June 16, Atlantic’s four-train LNG (liquefied natural gas) facility in Point Fortin went down because of a power outage. The four trains, collectively the sixth lar­gest LNG exporter in the world, consume 57 per cent of the country’s daily 3.8 billion standard cubic feet of gas.

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