Kimberly Wallace

THERE is a growing movement of women here in T&T and in the Caribbean that is tackling a very important but often underestimated problem - period poverty.

IT was one of the most energetic performances of the night—when the iconic French Caribbean band Kassav took to the stage at the Island Beats Concert. Days earlier they promised to put on a show—and they delivered with electrifying performances of their biggest hits including “Siwo”, “Mwen Malad Aw”, “Mwen Alé” and “Kaye Maman” just to name a few.

SEEING a family member or a close friend suffering from a life-threatening disease provokes in us feelings of helplessness and even hopelessness. But at the National Organ Transplant Unit (NOTU) persons could help save a life and offer a loved one or a stranger a glimmer of hope. In fact, the success of the NOTU is dependent upon people registering to become living or deceased organ donors to help those in need.

IT was on a morning like any other that Kitcharee was invited to discover something rather extraordinary. There at Hotel Normandie in St Anns we met up with the vivacious radio and TV broadcaster - Gigi Morley, and was granted a tour of the Diamond Boulevard at B3 Wine & Spirits where our eyes feasted on some of the most exquisite and exotic handmade jewelry.

STRAY animals roaming the streets remains a perennial problem in T&T and in many countries. While we are more likely to associate common d…

IN the coastal village of Balandra where the sound of crashing waves now goes unnoticed by those who’ve lived there all their lives, Chris Dennis earned his ‘sea legs’. By his early teens he could swim, free dive and spearfish—just like his father had taught him. Fast forward years later, this professional surfer who has won several international events and taken home no less than 15 national titles became one of the first Trinidadians to blaze the trail in the field of competitive surfing.

WHAT defines you? Is it your religion, race, occupation, family or social status? For entrepreneur and cultural activist Andre Lovelace, one of the most defining moments of his life happened 17 years ago when he met his biological father for the first time.

EACH year visitors descend on Africa’s Gold Coast in droves to make a very important pilgrimage to the castles and forts along Ghana’s 500 km coastline. It’s at these castles that slaves were imprisoned, beaten and tortured before being crammed onto ships bound for an unknown world where unimaginable cruelty awaited them.

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