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THERE are many reasons why the Caribbean is among the preferred destinations for tourists and travellers alike, but its appeal is not only limited to the sea, sun and sand. In this small space that is T&T one can experience greater cultural, societal, historical, religious and environmental diversity than anywhere else in the region.

ON the heels of “In Times Like These” which was released in May; singer/songwriter Michael “Zoom” Salloum is back with “The Father Song”, a groovy tribute to his father and all the positive young men who have lost their fathers.

MONTANO’S Chocolate Company Limited has already won the seal of approval from cocoa and chocolate enthusiasts for its locally made 60 per cent dark chocolate vegan bar. Now it’s the packaging that is stealing the limelight. It’s one of four brands that have been shortlisted for an award by the UK company ‘Design Week’ in the Packaging: 3D Graphics category. The winners of the Design Week Awards 2020 will be announced later this month.

Those are the opening words from the children’s book Climbing Lincoln’s Steps: The African American Journey which was illustrated by Trinidad-born artist Colin Bootman. For more than two decades, this talented award-winning artist who has spent the majority of his life in the US has documented black Americans’ ongoing struggle for equality through his vivid illustrations.

JUST before countries around the world went into isolation and closed their borders in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19, lawyer and social entrepreneur Vicki-Ann Assevero received the unique invitation to become a Yale Fellow. It is a deeply personal achievement for Assevero, who is of Trinidadian and Jamaican parentage.

NOT all advancements in the fields of science and medicine are made in plain sight. Life-saving vaccines and medication, for example, are created behind the scenes, in a lab by diligent men and women who are as passionate about their work as they are about its potential to improve and even save lives. Since 2010, Dr Varma Rambaran has been actively working to develop an orally administrable drug that will lower elevated levels of blood glucose in Type 2 diabetes patients.

THE 90s brought us the popular book series Chicken Soup for the Soul and 2020 brings us the equally motivational book Grown up Conversations by June Doyle. The book’s release signals her debut as a published writer at the age of 64, but Doyle, who divides her time between Canada and Trinidad has been an inspirational blogger for the past four years.

THE medieval emperor Charlemagne once said, “To know a second language is to possess a second soul.”

Family practitioner Dr Visham Bhimull has personally experienced the truth of those words. He speaks several languages but two languages in particular—Caribbean Hindustani and Hindi speak to his soul because they are the languages of his ancestors. Having a command of those languages has helped the physician to fully embrace his Indo-Trinidadian identity and honour the legacy of those who came before him.

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