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Noel Clarke was raised in a London public housing estate by a Trini single mother from Carapichaima, who supplemented her meagre nurse’s salary with shifts in a launderette. But his acting, writing and directing career soared.

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DONVILLE INNISS, Barbados’ former industry minister, was a picture of gloom in New York on Tuesday, hit by a two-year prison sentence for money laundering.

That’s a huge turnaround. When his Democratic Labour Party was in power, up to May 2018, he was touted as next prime minister. Had things run differently, we’d now be feteing him at Caricom.

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Plagiarism alert: I stole the headline from my pardner BC, whose editor didn’t like it. But Chornypyl in the Ukrainian language means “Black Dust”, and they’ve got plenty of that in St Vincent. It seems a good fit to me.

La Soufrière’s 1979 eruption was the subject of Dr Keith Rowley’s PhD thesis, The explosive phase lasted just over two weeks. Thousands were evacuated from the north. They were home after a few months.

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Thirty seconds in the commodity markets can be a long time. Eleven months is a geological eon.

On April 20 last year, the West Texas Intermediate oil price hit minus US$37 per barrel. If you had oil, you had to pay people to take it away.

Yesterday morning, WTI was close to US$65. This month, it’s been higher than at any time since October 2019. The Brent price, which is closer to the value of T&T’s oil, briefly topped US$70.

IT was a not-so-sweet Valentine’s Day for Gareth Henry in 2007. A 200-strong mob in Kingston was chanting death calls and chasing down gay men. He was seriously injured. When he complained to the police, he was insulted, beaten and threatened.

MISSED Carnival this week? So you weren’t in Port de Paix, Haiti’s north-coast second city.

President Jovenel Moïse and his wife Martine kicked off the party. There were tight-packed crowds, sound trucks, street fetes and jump-up, with barely a mask in sight. Police reported just five arrests. If you want to check out the fun, there’s three days’ worth of Digicel-branded video up on YouTube.

IF you’re a small country, nine billion barrels of oil reserves gets you noticed. But it won’t put you in control.

On Tuesday, Venezuela agreed to release two fishing boats with a dozen crew from the port of Guiria, just across from Port of Spain, where they were held by the Venezuelan navy from January 21.

BRITAIN’S Foreign Minister, Dominic Raab, told the UK parliament on Monday that he’s “extremely concerned” about governance in the British Virgin Islands.

His written statement outlined “a consistent and deeply troubling array of concerns”, raised by local institutions and the community.

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IT was fireworks, fetes and festivities in the Cayman Islands on Old Year’s Night, as police enforced a strict attendance limit of... yes, 500.

But in well-ordered Barbados, all was cancelled on December 31, just hours before party time.

With oil reserves per person perhaps second only to Kuwait’s, Guyana is now in its second year as a big-time oil producer. Suriname was another star in 2020 with billion-barrel offshore finds placing it second to Russia for new discoveries.

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