Marlon Miller

THE first and only face-to-face encounter I had with Yasin Abu Bakr was on a green bus belonging to the Defence Force.

And that day the Muslimeen leader caused me to abandon my journalistic impartiality.

ESPN tennis host Chris McKendry said the word “incredible” four times in the first two sentences of her post-match monologue so I’ll try not t…

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PROFESSIONAL golfer Stephen Ames made his second consecutive PGA Tour Champions top-ten finish on Sunday, tied for second in the US$1.8 million Mitsubishi Electric Classic, at TPC Sugarloaf, in Duluth, Georgia, USA.

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I MUST admit that I was one of the sceptics and was in no hurry to get the vaccine.

That was until a lady friend got me registered in early April and one of my sisters made sure to send me regular words of persuasion to go for it, then she recruited her son to assist her.

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I T’S only in Trinidad you could be stuck in gridlock traffic for more than an hour and still find reason to smile, without even looking at your phone.

The rain had stopped on Tuesday afternoon and several drivers were walking up to the front of the lines of stationary vehicles to check the extent of the flood waters blocking our path outside Victoria Keyes on the Diego Martin Highway.

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THIS is a lament for a dear friend, the sport of horse racing, which could not be in a worse place.

It was already in the poor house before Covid-19 came along and now it’s even more destitute.

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THIS is when it might get a lot more antsy, but we’ve come too far to turn back now.

Those whose landlords are handing them eviction notices and anyone who is broke and hungry and hasn’t yet collected a Salary Relief Grant definitely won’t agree with the extension to the stay-at-home order. And neither do the Opposition, or that wouldn’t be their name.

FOUR healthy-looking stray dogs, moving like they owned the place, strutted up from lower Henry Street heading towards the Brian Lara Promenade.

And over on Charlotte Street, a fat rat darted across the dark asphalt and into a side drain.

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WHERE do you begin with so much information overload at your fingertips?

And to think COVID-19 is only just getting started.

Every day…every minute…is something new—the runaway numbers of cases and deaths; the mindless panic buying; and the anxiety at the slightest hint of a sore throat or runny nose.

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