Martin Daly

As a small boy, I grew up knowing my single-­parent mother was in a sou-sou. Many decades later, I have lived to read that the current Governor of the Central Bank was surprised to learn of the extent of the practice of sou-sou.

The Ortoire ­River meets the Atlantic Ocean adjacent to Point Radix on the south-east coast of Trinidad. Point Radix is a headland that separates the two renowned, but badly abused, beaches of Manzanilla and Mayaro, which are of similar length, each said to be approximately 12 miles long.

Like us, canna lilies are colourful children of the tropics. Our culture, as I shall explain, shares characteristics with these lilies, but crucially departs in the nurture requirements.

It appears from their television interviews that the Community Recovery Committee headed by Anthony Watkins is proceeding with the task given to it by the Prime Minister, namely, “to find solutions to address some chronic problems in urban and semi-urban communities”.

Just before his very welcome elevation to the Court of Appeal, Mr Justice Boodoo­singh gave a decision on the Public Health Ordinance and the Coronavirus Regulations made under it. The importance of the decision was blurred by claims of who won or lost the case made by politicians interested in the case.

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Confronted with social unrest shortly before the recent August general election, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley was forced to acknowledge there were socioeconomic problems that need to be relieved.

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On a sunny afternoon the light blue sky accessorised the navy blue ocean. Later, at sunset, the crests of the waves on the east coast were pink. The sky to the north was also pink. The pink was oddly situated given the sun was, of course, setting in the west; but it was real and not the hallucinatory effect of rum and coconut water.

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We have been more unsettled than usual by the transition from one government to another following the August 10 general election, even though the incumbent Government was the victor.

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IN my column published on July 12, I stated that “the Leader of the Opposition may be setting up herself for a post-election fall back role of martyred loser, if necessary”

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Tomorrow’s general election takes place at a time when the rate of spread of Covid-19 is at a high-risk level, causing more ­worry than at any other ­period since the pandemic began.

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