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George Washington Carver was born into conditions of slavery but nevertheless became a prominent agricultural scientist and innovator in crop farming.

I mention him in the context of our leaders masking reality with excuses. Carver stated his view in a single sentence: “Ninety-nine per cent of failures come from persons who make excuses.”

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“Given the low rate of vaccination, our population is wide open to death or hospitalisation from the Delta variant.”

That was bluntly stated in my column of September 5, ten weeks ago, with the foresight that the Government would helplessly wait around, self-praise tying up its brain, while its bouffs and bullying failed miserably to motivate the population to get vaccinated in sufficient numbers. No attempt at a creative legislative intervention to support vaccination was made.

As a result of the stated ambition of big business to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050, or before, Trinidad and Tobago is not the only country that will have to look for a living other than in the exploration, production and sale of oil and natural gas and the output of related industries.

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Two weeks ago, the President of the Republic, in her words, “spoke to the issue of the substantive appointment of Commissioner of Police” and confirmed that “an Order of Merit List was delivered on August 11, 2021, to the OTP and withdrawn almost immediately”.

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Many readers will recall the political controversies in which President Anthony Carmona, the immediate predecessor of our current President, was involved arising out of the purported exercise of powers that he thought he had.

As a result, citizens hoped that the presidency would return to calmer waters, not made turbulent by involvement of the office of President in the agendas of the politicians.

On September 22, 2021, it became public knowledge that former member of the Police Service Commission (the PolSC) and attorney-at-law Roger Kawalsingh had made a serious allegation of a secret approach to the Chair of the PolSC regarding the appointment of a commissioner of police (CoP) and outgoing CoP Gary Griffith.

The manipulations of the appointment of a commissioner of police (CoP) consequent upon the expiry of the term of office of Gary Griffith are now out in the open and in the court.

In “Smoke & Mirrors”, Demi Lovato doubts their lover and asks: “Now that I see you clearer, I wonder, was I really happy? Now that I see you clearer, was it just smoke and mirrors?”

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