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The recent budget has introduced the liberalisation of the petroleum fuel industry locally and will allow the myriad owners of gas stations to fix their own margins according, hopefully, to market competition.

In the presentation of the 2021 budget, the Minister of Finance was flying blind—he could not know if the Covid-19 pandemic would reduce its i…

The economic situation, locally and globally, is far more uncertain today than usual. This includes the difficulty of predicting oil and gas prices, even demand for Pt Lisas’ petrochemicals, which have been made impossible to estimate by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Schools reopened this week, but the teaching/learning will be online for those who have at home both the access to telecommunications and the …

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Now that the 2020 election has been won by the People’s National Movement (PNM), one can presume that a start will be made on reconstructing a…

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AT a recent radio interview I was asked why am I relating the diversification of our economy moreso to knowledge, its creation and innovation as opposed to, say, simply reviving the sugar and rice or similar industries and seeking to compete in traditional markets?

Many commentators including Prof Ken S Julien, Andrew Jupiter, Ian Welch and Gregory McGuire have warned us on the precarious state of our main foreign exchange earner, the local natural gas industry. Jupiter said: “… the ingredients that allowed Pt Lisas to be successful have dissipated.

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