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THE Grassroots Organisations Operating Together in Sisterhood (GROOTS) has been able to successfully get HIV testing, counselling and medication to the most vulnerable in society over the past year.

As an artiste Benjai has always been a bit of an enigma. Not one to openly share his personal life, Benjai (Rodney Le Blanc) has often times come off as standoffish and ego­tistical to other musicians and fans alike.

Miguel Maestre may not have been born in Trinidad and Tobago but he is Trini to de bone. The Toronto, Canada-born performer, the son of Trinidadian musician Antonio “Spanish” Maestre, who is himself a lifelong parandero, is in love with the music of these twin islands. For the past decade, he has carried on his father’s parang legacy in the land of his birth and now has ambitions of touring the world with his soca band.

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The time has come for this country to look at Carnival as a true business, says National Carnival Commission chairman Winston “Gypsy” Peters. Peters issued an emphatic call for greater financial investment from Government and the private sector during his address at the NCC launch of Carnival 2020, 

Erphaan Alves is like a good seasoning salt. He seems to be everywhere and adds a unique flavour to every project he touches. Food metaphors aside—after all it is Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week—the “Overdue” singer is having a great 2019.

Traditional East Indian curried shrimp and Japanese white rice. Chinese sweet and sour fish with Korean pasta. Spicy Thai lamb and Nepalese skewered chicken.

Big brass soca music is set to make a return to the spotlight at today’s launch of Carnival 2020. Burt Marcellin and his Brass to the World (B2W) big brass soca band have been selected to perform at the National Carnival Commission (NCC) official season opener this evening at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

From its origins in rustic vocals soaring above earthy cuatro, marac and clave to its current full-fledged big band sound. That’s the musical journey National Parang Association of Trinidad and Tobago president Alicia Jaggasar led a receptive crowd on last Thursday night at Fiesta Plaza Movietowne, Invader’s Bay, Port of Spain.

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