Selwyn Cudjoe

project manager of Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd (UDeCOTT), to tell us what that agency had in store for us vis-à-vis our proposed community centre.

TRINIDAD and Tobago is a difficult, contradictory society. Every time we take one step forward, we also take two steps backward. Imagine a progressive leader saying that if you’re not legally married to the man or woman you live with, you won’t be invited to bring along a guest to functions hosted by her office.

IN the early 1970s, when Marxist economics was all the rage, several Caribbean graduate students attended to the classes of Jaroslav Vanek, an economist and professor at Cornell University.

IT is easy to criticise the Prime Minister. I also take my shots when he makes egregious errors. This is why I suggested that he write what he says before he pronounces on national and international issues. His critics also need to be cautious before they condemn his failings.

ONE cannot help but be amazed by the indigestible piffle that emanates from the mouths of our politicians when they speak about issues concerning the society.

AS Boris Johnson, UK prime minister is finding out, and Keith Rowley, T&T’s prime minister has found out, it’s easier to be on the opposition benches and spout invectives than it is to be in the driver’s seat making consequential national decisions.

Joy Cushman wrote that Barack Obama revolutionised his campaign “by putting his faith in hundreds of volunteers”.

IT used to be that you couldn’t beat the People’s National Movement (PNM) when it came to election strategy and election campaigning. We may have to reconsider this truism. This time the PNM might be sleep-walking into an unpleasant election defeat.

OSKIE is my best friend but sometimes he does try my soul. He have a knack for asking the right question at de wrong time. Eleven years ago I had an operation for prostate cancer. One month after my operation, he come asking me if “de ting” does still work.

LAST week I urged the Government to suspend or postpone the construction of the Toco-Manzanilla Highway.

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