Theodore Lewis

THE world learned from the case of Malala Yousafzai that the act of providing education to children is not simple, because education is a political construct. Educational inequality is a trademark of racist and sexist societies. Denial of education to blacks was a prime strategy of South Africa under apartheid. It remains a point of contention in the United States.

We may begin the discussion of education between Emancipation (1834) and Independence (1962) with the report of Joseph Latrobe, who in 1837 was sent by the British parliament to see how money from the Negro Education Grant was being spent.

IN his two-part expose published in the Express of June 30 and July 1, statistician Nigel Henry has presented a view of the murky world of SEA…

In the Sunday Express of June 23, Martin Daly published a commentary on West Indies cricket titled “Mirror on the West Indies Wall”. It was an angry reaction to the team’s loss to Bangladesh in the current World Cup tournament in England. 

Education in this country is a zero-sum game. Winners and losers. That is an old, anti-democratic model. Former People’s Partnership minister Fazal Karim recently talked about the “best and the brightest”. Sat Maharaj boasted about the scholarships won by pupils at Lakshmi Girls Hindu College.

I saw the other day Prof Jerome Delisle of The UWI said the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination must be kept, but that it must change. What I have to say here is vastly different from that. I think the SEA must be thrown out completely.

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